Custom Injection Molding Production for Small and Medium Orders

Molding USA is a well-organized custom plastic injection molding company with US management team and China manufacturing factory. We are dedicating to help small and medium companies to manufacture their products with US quality and China price. we work parts weight ranging from 0.5 gram to 2.0 KG for diverse of industries, available for plastic resin of PC, ABS, PA, PP, PS, PMMA, PVC, TPE, TPU, POM, PPO, PSU, etc.  

We aimed to help worldwide client to save at least 30% of manufacturing cost while not downgrading product quality, as we just concentrate our management team and immigrated our manufacturing factory to China. In this way, we will have big advantage at cost-saving.  

Our injection molding shop is facilitated with 18 sets of automatic injection molding machines, 1 CMM, and 80 experienced injection molding workers. Each of project starts from our dedicating project manager, production engineers, to QC staff, which ensures all of products are in spec of our customer’s requirements.

On the other hand, Molding USA has a strong product design and engineering team, all of engineering team members has over 15 years of design and manufacturing experience, which enables us to communicate with clients smoothly without any technical barrier.

One-stop Plastic Injection Molding Capabilities

Single-color Injection Molding

Single-color injection molding is the most common injection molding service we work for clients, we work through from part DFM, mold design, mold manufacturing, to plastic part injection molding. The industrial we worked includes automotive, medical, consumer electronics, agriculture, lighting, etc.

Our injection molding machines range from 50T~450T, available for part weight from 0.5 gram to 2.0 KG, whatever your project is complex or simple, we have enough capability to help you.

Double-color Injection Molding

Double-color injection molding means to inject two different colors of plastic material into the same mold, it makes a beautiful aesthetics and perfect function, however the two different plastic resin must have good compatibility to melt together.

If needed, we have our cooperative partner to work for two color injection molding particularly. We are capable of diverse of double-color injection molding products, like automotive interior parts, electric tool handlers, food containers, bottles, mouse pad, etc.    


Overmolding is a very common injection molding process to get two different material molded together, there includes a hard part(ABS, PC) and a soft part(TPE or TPU), and we should get the hard part injection molded first, then insert it onto mold tool for a second injection molding(to inject soft material). But something, we can also do overmolding for two hard plastic parts(PC+PC, PC+ABS, PC+PMMA, etc)

Our experienced mold makers have over 15 years of experience on overmolding mold. We accumulated rich experience on different material of overmolding. The only method to avoid risk and speed up your overmolding project is to find experienced injection molding manufacturer. If you are ready to start your overmolding project, you should find a right partner.

Insert Molding

Insert molding is very similar to overmolding, the only difference is that insert molding use some metal parts(made of brass, aluminum, or stainless steel) to insert into mold tool while overmolding uses plastic parts for second molding.

Up to now, we have worked for over 250 insert molding projects for worldwide clients. The basement material include nut, screw bar, bushing, sleeve, PCB board, etc.

The Flow-chat of Our injection molding production

flow-chart-of-injection molding

Quality Control

Product quality is as important as a human life to any project, we deeply understand our customers also have their customer expectation, so we try our best effort to control our product quality than anything else. Molding USA Inc has gained a good reputation for producing high-quality mold tools and injection molded products. We keep reliable business relationship with over 80 customers in USA and Europe.

First of all, Molding USA is an ISO9001-2008 company since 2002, Our quality team is well-grouped with 2 quality managers, 5 engineers, and 8 QC inspectors. every project starts at Molding USA throughout our project manager, quality manager, quality engineer, and QC inspectors. We take strict quality control measure from raw material, manufacturing facility, workers, to finished products. All of our products are in accordance with FDA, RoHS, REACH and HACCP.

Our experienced quality team use a combination of comprehensive inspection systems, SPC charting, as well as full dimension measurement, we ensure part tolerances, color, physical appearance, and function will completely match customer’s specifications.

Project management

Project management is one of the most important process to the success of any injection molding project, Our project managers have rich experience on both project management and injection molding production, which enables us to schedule, plan, and follow up our project timely and smoothly.


Our Project Management Objectives

– On-Time Delivery

  We schedule, arrange, and follow up every details in advance, ensuring each order would be delivered to customer timely.

– 100% quality alignment with customer’s specification

  Starting from engineering, manufacturing, to shipment, we monitor and control our products quality are 100% in accordance with customer’s specification.

– On budget

  Whatever a new project or an old project, we always keep eyes to control our manufacturing cost, and try our best effort to meet or exceed customer’s budge expectation