Plastic Housing

Molding USA Inc, a professional plastic injection mold maker and injection molding company, provides custom mold making and plastic injection molded parts services with global competitive price. Our offer could be 30%~50% cheaper than other mold manufacturers. Most of molds starts from $1500, and plastic parts starts from $0.10/pc. Meanwhile there is no MOQ requested for any clients.  


The plastic housing is a quite normal part. but our housing has 3 sliders from different direction. Meanwhile this housing has very tight tolerance requirement. It seems not so complicated for a most of mold manufacturer, however it’s not so easy for many injection molding companies to produce a high quality products.

At very beginning, our professional in-house mold design would evaluate customer’s specification, and worked out a most suitable mold design solution. A detailed 2D drawing(3D CAD for reference as well) would be released to our skillful mold makers. So that our tool makers would understand some critical design intention, and make very precision &durable injection mold tooling.

To manufacture a high quality plastic part, a precision mold tooling is only the first step. Another critical process is injection molding production, our in-house molding shop is well-equipped with brand new injection machines that ranges from 50T~650T, workable for parts weight from 5g~2.5KG, we takes strict quality control from raw material to finished products, All of our production operators were trained with professional knowledge and skill, which ensure our consistent quality and delivery time.

Date :

April 21, 2017