Plastic Molding Parts

As a professional injection molding parts manufacturer and custom mold maker, Molding USA Inc is capable of providing diverse kind of injection molding parts, the molding process includes one shot molding, multi-cavity molding, overmolding, double-color molding, hot runner molding, etc. All of our products are fully-inspected by dimension, appearance, and fitting before delivery.

Our Custom Mold Making Specification:

Types of Mold We Make: one color mold, over-molding mold, metal insert mold, double color mold, hot runner mold, etc.

Product Material:  PC, ABS, ABS+PC, PP, PA66/6,PBT, POM, PE, PPO, PVC,PMMA, PSU, PS,etc

Mold Core & Cavity Steel : P20, 718H, NAK80, 1.2344, S136H, 8407, 2083, etc. (or customer specified brands) 

Mold Base : HASCO, DME, LKM ,etc.  

Mold Life-time : 100, 000-1, 000, 000 shots (It’s up to customers’ requirements)

Mold Pricing : Common two-plate mold is about $1500~3500, overmolding mold and two-color mold are about $3,000`6,500(It’s depends on mold complexity, cavity, and mold life).

Mold Making Lead-time: 3-6weeks (Depends on mold complexity)

Date :

April 21, 2017