Printer Door

As we know, the printer parts require relatively tight tolerance in dimension, highly-impact strength, and excellent finish. Molding USA Inc, an experienced injection molding supplier, our skillful expertise on printing parts manufacturing enables us collaborate our clients efficiently.

For injection molding process, we use Sabic ABS resin for raw material that offers excellent mechanical and physical properties. All of material we used are traceable for each lot of injection molding production. If any defective or part failure, we can find root case easily.

We use P20 and S136 tempered steel for mold steel(mold cavity and core), and Mould Master for its hot runner supplier that delivers durable and excellent injection mold tooling. Molding USA Inc grouped with a sophisticated injection mold makers in house that makes new tooling, repair, or maintain mold tool in house. As long as mold is made by us, we can guarantee a 500,000~1,000,000 shots of mold life. For production mold, we provide free mold repair or maintenance services(free mold modification for some simply changes as well).

Date :

April 21, 2017

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